2017 Fitness Trends

2017 Fitness Trends and 2018 Predictions

Posted December 30th, 2017

2017 Was Another Strong Year For Fitness

We saw the rise of HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training). HIIT delivers results by raising your metabolism, thus maximising fat burning. What’s more, it doesn’t take specialist knowledge and it can be easily fit into your day. However, we think that the real reason it’s been so successful in 2017 is that its intensity leaves you feeling pumped, like you’ve really accomplished something during your gym session.

Squats also continued in popularity, as our quest for toned thighs and a great bum went on. 2017 saw the shake-up of routines, with medicine balls being added to really get the most out of the move.


It’s still a social faux paux for regular people to be caught snapping pictures of themselves in the gym, but the rules don’t apply if you’re Insta-famous.

Following people for fitness inspiration has been popular throughout 2017, but rather than concentrating on the rich and famous, the trend mushroomed to include regular people who are achieving amazing things in the gym.

From weight loss to gains, tracking real people through their journey can be a source of inspiration for our own.


Yoga classes have been popular for a few years now. This trend has been aided by the cheap availability of yoga mats for home practice, as well as plethora of online videos to guide your way. Of course, nothing beats a real class, but for a home pick-me-up they’re great.

Yoga looks set to remain a favourite, with hot yoga quickly becoming the next big thing. The Thames Club is ahead of the curve – we’ll be launching our Hot Yoga Club in January 2018.

Get Data, Use Data, Make Results

2018 will see a rise in the popularity of fitness tracking technology, which has been around for a while, but hasn’t always been reliable. Advancements mean that you can get more accurate results, which can be used to monitor your progress and to set fitness goals. Everything can be tracked, including your steps, heart rate, bodyfat, calories and sleeping patterns.

Wearable technologies are part of a wider trend toward personalising your workout to suit your needs. 2017 saw real awareness of the fact that what works for one person doesn’t get the same results in the next. Everything needs to be tailored to the individual, from nutrition to exercise. You need expertise to do this, which is why a personal trainer will also be one of 2018’s must haves.

The Thames Club have a team of qualified personal trainers who are available to members, but they’re in popular demand. If you’re interested in their services call into the gym or use the online contact form (https://flthamesclub.wpengine.com/fitness-pt/personal-training/).

You Spin Me Right Round

Another hot fitness trend is spinning. Gone are the days that a spin class was akin to a torture session. Now it’s house music, LED lights and a pumping atmosphere that makes you wonder whether you’re in a gym or a nightclub.

If this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, virtual reality spins are also on the rise. It’s all the beauty and tranquillity of biking in nature, without the British weather.

The Thames Club has a dedicated spinning room that’s furnished with all the latest technology. We offer daily classes that can be booked online, so if you want to get 2018 off to a spinning start, you know what to do! (https://flthamesclub.wpengine.com/classes/timetable/)

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