Autumn Fitness Tips

Autumn Motivation Tips

Posted October 8th, 2021

Check out our top Autumn motivation tips to keep you active and feeling great all season. As the nights draw in and the colder weather approaches it’s a great time to change up your training.

Motivation Tips:

  • Try exercising in the morning for some extra fitness motivation- as the nights get cooler and darker it’s easy to want to go home straight after work, try training in the mornings to set you up for the day and free up your evenings
  • Plan your week – get your work, workouts and your social plans in the diary. Don’t forget to leave some time empty to give yourself space
  • Get food prepped – not in plastic Tupperware, but know what you’ve got for dinner so you can avoid unhealthy quick fixes
  • Find your fitness motivation with a friend – get social in a healthy way. Fill your flask up and go for a walk to catch up
  • Try something new – book a new class or try a new route for your dog walk
  • Be realistic – set realistic goals so that they are achievable and you won’t make you feel guilty for ‘failing’ when you don’t manage to exercise every single day
  • Take some ‘you’ time – chilling out is just as important and training hard! Plan a yoga class, a sauna & steam or get stuck into a good book
  • Set a challenge – hands up who was inspired watching the London Marathon? You don’t have to run 26.2 miles, but maybe set yourself a mini challenge – 10,000 steps per day, enter an event, book yourself into 3 spin classes this week…

We’ve shaken up how we can support you with your fitness and wellbeing goals to help keep you motivated throughout Autumn. If you need some inspiration from The Thames Club why not book a session with one of the fitness trainers included as part of your membership. It’s fun, informative and will stretch you to your own limits and provide inspiration for your future training. Any ability, fitness level and experience encouraged – we know you’ll love it!