Belly Blast Workout For A Flatter Tum

Posted January 15th, 2018

Try out this great Belly Blast Workout, a great New Year favourite for a flatter stomach. Having a paunchy middle is one of the most common complaints we hear here at The Thames Club, especially in the New Year! Whilst legs and arms seem to show the efforts of toning exercises within a few weeks, the belly is a problem area that can stubbornly cling to fat. One reason for this is that people tend to make a lot of mistakes when training their stomach. They focus on the wrong exercises, they don’t perform the moves properly or they repeat the exact same routine over and over again.

The gym team at The Thames Club are waging war on wobbly middles with a guide to getting a flat and toned stomach. This workout plan promises to strengthen and tone your core muscles. It’s been designed with newbies in mind, so it’s really easy to follow. The belly of your dreams is within reach!

Belly Blast Workout Moves

15 crunches
15 sit ups
10 leg lifts (alternate legs)
10 bridge
3 plank (hold for 20 seconds)

Repeat three sets of these moves. For best results, workout four to five times per week, with at least one rest day every three days. It’s important to take regular breaks from training because otherwise your muscles will become sore and achy. This belly blast workout plan may seem relatively simple, but its brilliance lies in the constant change up between the areas of the stomach that are concentrated on. This is necessary because your muscles are quick to adapt to certain moves, thus lessening their impact.

Go the Extra Mile

This belly busting plan is sure to get you the flat stomach of your dreams. After 6-8 weeks you ought to see a noticeable improvement in the shape of your middle and a new strength in your muscles when working out.
However, whilst this plan is guaranteed to garner results, it can be a bit boring performing the same routine every time you go to the gym. This is why it can be good for your morale to change things up by replacing a training session with a guided class. A good place to begin is a yoga or a bootcamp class or one of our classes in the gym – checkout our timetable here. Remember, your brain and your body are highly linked – neglect one to the detriment of the other.

The Finishing Touches

No exercise routine will be able to combat a bad diet and your new stomach muscles won’t show through a layer of flab. The Thames Club has an in-house nutritionist who can give you advice on how to best to coordinate what you’re eating with your body goals. If you know what you should be eating but are stuck for food inspiration, call into our new deli. The Breakfast by Bella team are experts in all things deliciously healthy. Good luck with the Belly Blast workout!

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