Posted October 24th, 2018

After months of scorching hot weather, the summer is well and truly over. It’s certainly been one for the meteorological history books but we’re midway through autumn now so it’s time to start preparing for the cold months ahead. While the change in season might make you look forward to warm bowls of soup (and dread turning on the central heating), there are other areas of your life that you should adjust too – namely, your workout.

Jog on
If you’re a fan of jogging, the unfortunate news is that it’s time to hang up your trainers. Wet leaves are a slipping hazard that land thousands of people in hospital every year with sprains, fractures, and broken bones (not to mention bruised egos from the embarrassment of falling in public).

On top of this, darker evenings mean that your usual route could be a safety risk. It’s important to always follow a well-lit path and avoid secluded areas at any time of year; however, with shorter evenings, what was okay to run during the spring and summer months may no longer be safe.

Staying motivated
Another problem with shorter evenings is that commuting becomes even more miserable. Combined with the cold, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to hit the gym after work when comfort food and a cosy sofa are calling. Signing up to exercise classes can be an excellent way of staying on track because it creates a commitment to attend, which is much harder to break than a general promise to yourself.

The Thames Club offers a range of options to suit every taste and workout goal. If high intensity cardio is your thing, check out our spin sessions or P90X. Want to engage in some quality resistance training? Try our circuit classes or enter the Bootcamp. Maybe you just want to be warm? Any of the Hot Yoga Club classes will keep you toasty while you tone.

Go over your goals
As scary as it is to admit, the end of the year is in sight. If you have any unachieved goals for 2018 now is the time to set about reaching them. Think back to New Year’s Day, what did you promise yourself (apart from never drinking again)? Whether it was losing weight or hitting a fitness milestone, there’s still a few months left to finish up what you haven’t already. Draw up a plan of action and get cracking!

Alternatively, now is good time to set yourself a challenge. For example, you could go vegetarian or vegan for a month, give up alcohol (excellent preparation for December), reduce your mini-marathon time, increase your deadlift capability, or add ten to your swimming lengths endurance. The looming deadline of the end of the year makes for an ideal time to push yourself to achieve something.

Get social
Tell us what you’ll be doing to adjust your workout to the season, as well as any goals you’re setting for the remainder of 2018, by connecting with us on Instagram @the_thames_club.

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