Hot yoga for a mood boost

Posted June 6th, 2018

We all know about the physical benefits of hot yoga, but did you know that it’s good for the mind too? The practice can promote good mental health and even be used as a natural way to treat mild anxiety and depression.

Science It’s not magic, the science behind hot yoga is that when we exercise our brain releases feel good chemicals known as endorphins. These deliver a mood boost and are why some people report experiencing a ‘runner’s high’.

Your brain doesn’t just produce this reaction at the drop of a hat (mother nature isn’t that kind). You need to work for it by undertaking intense exercise. Hot yoga provides the perfect conditions for this because it combines high temperatures with movements that thoroughly engage your muscles.

The resulting effect can tackle feelings of mild anxiety and depression. And it won’t cause any of the unpleasant side-effects that doctor’s medicine can because, unlike synthetic drugs, it won’t upset your body’s delicate balance. Moreover, whilst enjoyable, this ‘runner’s high’ isn’t addictive and won’t cause withdrawal symptoms if you miss a class.

Calm Hot yoga classes provide structure by setting aside time to concentrate on yourself and your body. Life is hectic and it’s so easy to forget to pause for some self-care. By going to Hot Yoga Club you’re scheduling ‘you time’. This trains your brain to think of class time as calm time. Our purpose-built yoga studio enhances this effect. From dimmed lighting to soothing music, every element of the experience has been designed to promote relaxation.

This feeling of calm doesn’t have to end when you leave the studio though. Post-class, we recommend that you eat a light meal or snack and avoid strenuous activity. This allows your body and mind to retain the benefits of hot yoga. In turn, this should allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Rest is an essential element of good mental health because your brain uses this time to process the day’s happenings and your emotions. If your sleep is poor quality then it can’t carry out this task and your mental wellbeing will suffer…like we needed an excuse to hit snooze.

Focus Hot yoga gives you time to focus on your body. During class you become more aware of how it moves and the power it contains. As you progress, your appreciation for its strength and ability will grow. Gratitude and thankfulness are positive emotions that should change your attitude towards your body for the better.

Outside of the studio the benefits you feel in class translate into a more toned physique. Hot yoga warms your muscles and allows you to push yourself deeper into positions, thus garnering results more quickly than traditional yoga. Seeing this change should help you to feel good about your looks and promote body confidence.

Social Finally, Hot Yoga Club provides a place to be social and meet new people with similar interests to yourself. There’s nothing quite like making new friends and spending time with other people for boosting your mood.

Speaking of social, follow us on Instagram @hotyogaclubstudio for all the latest news, positive affirmations and yoga inspiration. With so much negativity on social media, our page will bring some much needed positive vibes to your feed.

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