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How to stay motivated through Autumn

Posted October 17th, 2017

Keeping motivated through Autumn is always tricky in your fitness calendar. The soft summer evenings are gone and with the days getting shorter, time to exercise seems to just ebb away, unless you have a plan to keep focused, keep training and keep driving towards your own personal fitness goals.

So here are our top five tips for keeping motivated through Autumn

1: Make your workout fun

If you find your workout boring and repetitive, ask one of the gym team to create a plan for you or give you some new, exciting moves.

2: Bring a friend

Working out with someone helps to keep you motivated and can help you to get in the gym more often. You can always finish your session with a nice relaxing chat in the hot tub too.

3: Use a variety of equipment

Who enjoys looking at the same thing for 30 minutes? Not us! So, rather than using the same equipment, switch up your free weights a bit, use the dumbbell’s, barbells, kettlebells and balls. With many exercises you can do the same move using different gear.

4: Set your goal

It’s so much more motivating when you have a goal that you can achieve (and reward yourself for achieving!). So, set a small goal and try and achieve one small goal each month.

5: Get a trainer

Talk to the personal trainers about how they can help you. If you can’t get the results yourself they can help you to stay on track and keep working hard.

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