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How’s my Exercise Routine Going? Swimmingly!

Posted April 16th, 2018

Swimming is something that most people did as children, whether as part of a club or with their school, but that they’ve long since given up. Today’s blog is going to examine the benefits of rediscovering the water and the benefits of incorporating swimming into your exercise routine.

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a form of cardio exercise that engages your entire body to ensure that you receive a thorough workout. It builds strength in the heart, lungs and muscles. Whilst this sounds intense, it’s an incredibly gentle way of training because the water provides support to the body and prevents against the overburdening of weight on the joints. For this reason, it is an ideal exercise for elderly people and those who are suffering from physical injuries.

The active nature of swimming ensures that your body is constantly moving. This means that it is burning calories, thus promoting weight loss. Depending on your weight and the intensity of your strokes, it is possible to burn 400-700 calories per hour.

Body and Mind

In addition to these physical benefits, swimming is a great way to mix up your exercise routine and keep things interesting. Boredom can be a demotivator that makes exercising in the gym feel like work instead of something to be enjoyed. Changing your routine helps to prevent against getting into a fitness rut.

Swimming invigorates the mind because the fresh sensation of the water against the skin combined with the intensity of cardio exercise stimulates your brain. An early morning swim can be a great way to start the day and maximise productivity – even more effective than a cup of coffee! Plus there’s the added bonus of the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi at The Thames Club that you can enjoy after a swim!


One common reason given for not swimming is the hassle of getting ready afterwards, but the days of walking out of a gym with wet hair and smelling of chlorine are over. The Thames Club offers deluxe changing rooms with showers, hairdryers and good lighting for putting on make-up.

The Thames Club also offers swimming lessons for those who want to improve their ability and confidence in the water and a range aqua classes for people who want a guided pool workout. Aqua classes can be a fun way of gaining the benefits of swimming and are ideal for people who don’t like the idea of doing lengths.

The pool is open from 6 am Mon-Fri and 8 am Sat-Sun, so there really is no excuse for not calling in for a pre-work dip in the pool. And don’t forget that the Breakfast By Bella Deli is onsite, offering a wide range of tasty breakfast options to refuel you after your swim – before the madness of your workday begins!

The Thames Club fitness team will be happy to recommend exercise you should do in the pool to supplement your class or gym workouts.

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