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Keep Your Goals On Track

Posted February 5th, 2021

As we enter month two of 2021, are your fitness and well-being goals on track? The second Friday in January is coined ‘Quitters’ Day’ by Strava (the social network for athletes), but we hope that despite still living in difficult circumstances, you have stayed active, focused and positive.

Don’t panic if you are having a motivation dip! Pinpointing why enables you to address it. Perhaps you are…

  • Trying to do too much too quickly?
  • Setting over-ambitious goals?
  • Talking yourself out of ‘doing’ – finding excuses or feeling overwhelmed?
  • Bored of your programme?
  • Unsure of progress?
  • Lacking support?
  • Being too hard on yourself?

If any of these resonate with you, there are plenty of ways to keep your goals on track and regain your motivation.

Top Tips To Keeping Your Goals On Track

  • Break it up, mix it up, just don’t give up

Break your goal down into bitesize milestones. It’s better to make steady progress and create long term habits and routines rather than give up because you didn’t achieve something in a month. It’s only February and there’s plenty of time! Remember to give yourself rest days or lower intensity days too – they’re just as important. Try a mix of different workouts and find what makes you buzz. Be patient – it can take a good few minutes to get into ‘the zone’ – and focus on how great you’ll feel post-workout, as you edge closer to your goal.

  • Visualise your achievement

Remind yourself why you set your personal target(s). Visualise your achievement in your head or use a picture. You may feel more accountable if you share your goals too. Post updates to social media (including The Thames Club Facebook and Insta) or note your progress privately.

  • Check your goal is SMART

Statistics from Strava showed that 92% of athletes (app users – everyday people) who set a goal were still active 10 months later. Our January blog outlined how to set a SMART goal – check it out here.

  • Find a workout buddy

Currently you can exercise outdoors with one other person, and Strava discovered that finding a workout buddy led to 22% more activities. Our team of knowledgeable personal trainers (PTs) are available for 1-2-1 sessions to keep you focused in lockdown.

  •  Join a club or exercise community

Joining a club could make you 46% more likely to remain active, so if you’re a member at the Thames Club, it’s a great investment right now! Interestingly, morning people were 43% more active! Try an early live or recorded workout from The Thames Club online and enjoy the feeling all day. Virtual workouts are benefitting people around the country while gyms are temporarily closed:

“Online is an amazing platform – there is something for everyone. I have tried classes I attend at the club but have also stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new ones. I find the online classes stimulating, motivational and you also get the feel-good factor after you have completed a workout. The fact you can do live classes or recorded is a bonus. Anyone who has not tried the online at The Thames Club should give it a try… guaranteed you will be hooked!”

Christine, The Thames Club member.

If you’re not a member and would like more information about joining us online with access to a huge library of On-demand workouts and Live Streamed classes click here .

What’s On In February

From seminars to fitness challenges, we have lots going on in February! We strive to maximise membership benefits and this month we have some exciting fitness events for members to help vary your programme and stay motivated.

  1. Join in with our February Fitness Challenge by exercising every day for 14 days. Moving out of your comfort zone is where it’s at!
  2. Get in touch with our PTs for advice or inspiration to vary your programme, free of charge
  3. 1-2-1 personal training sessions can still take place outside – visit our website to find out more
  4. We are hosting complimentary well-being seminars in February – check your emails or TTC app for details and how to book. Spaces are limited
  5. Post your achievements, however big or small, on our Facebook page and tag us on Insta @the_thames_club for tons of encouragement!

We hope February is FABruary for you. Stay in touch.

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