Mindset Practitioner

Wellbeing has always been at the forefront of what The Thames Club provides, from relaxing the mind in the tranquil pool area to releasing endorphins with a fun filled class or a stress busting workout. Now more than ever we recognise the importance of mental health. Health and fitness goals become amplified when the mind is serving you in positive ways so mental fitness is absolutely necessary to achieving physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

FREE Mindset Consultation for members

We have partnered with Diane Mitchell, a mindset practitioner founder of Diane Mitchell Mindset Academy and The Wonderful World of Wellbeing to offer our members a free Zoom Mindset Consultation. Diane has extensive experience working with people to enhance their emotional and mental wellbeing and it’s great to be working alongside her. As part of the 45 minute consultation, Diane will look at what’s getting in your way, and take the necessary steps to ensure this mindset work is the right fit for you. Together you can clarify the best way forward.

Living with negative thoughts is a thing of the past, life most certainly does not have to be like this. No matter the reason for your goals, when there is negativity lurking in the background of the mind, this will no doubt get in the way of your goals no matter how ambitious or conservative they may seem to you.

Click the link below and book your complimentary consultation today and quote your Thames Club membership number.

Calendly link: https://calendly.com/wwowellbeing