The Thames Club is committed to supporting members’ overall health and fitness goals of which nutrition can play an important part. We’re delighted to have partnered with Jane from The Performance Plate, a local sports nutritionist with great experience of working alongside members with varying goals from fat loss or muscle gain to maximising elite sports performance. As a member, you will benefit from a complimentary consultation with Jane.

The Performance Plate

The Performance Plate is a sports nutrition platform created by Jane, a qualified Sports Dietitian, with a First class (Hons) BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and MSc distinction in Sports Nutrition and Exercise. Jane has a passion for sport,⁠ nutrition and providing practical evidence-based information to allow individuals and athletes to maximise their potential and assist in their recovery. Jane has experience working with athletes, general public, university and club sports teams across the UK. Whether you’re a professional weightlifter, an individual who wants to gain muscle or lose fat, a teenager struggling to meet their training demands or an athlete attempting to work full time whose performance has plateaued, The Performance Plate is here. Jane is able to offer a range of services including nutritional analysis, recipe modification and support, supplementation advice and goal setting on an individual basis. Jane can also provide group presentations and cook-a-longs to sports teams to provide specific dietary support.

Complimentary Nutrition Consultation

To get in touch with Jane for your free consultation, email [email protected] or contact Jane via her social media platform @theperformanceplate and quote your Thames Club membership number.