Meet Vee O’Brien – Our Nutritionist and Transformational Health Coach

Our Health Coach and Nutritionist with one aim… Results!

Would you love to reach your ‘ideal weight’? Would you like to do this in a healthy way without painful and restrictive diets, and with long term sustainable results?

Would you like to get past all the contradictory advice around healthy eating, and understand the truth about how different foods affect your body?

Would you like to understand why you eat when you’re stressed, unhappy, bored or simply through habit?

Would you like to get rid of, or avoid, weight gain as you hit your mid-thirties or beyond, especially around the middle?

Are you concerned about your health in general, or want to improve your health for your future?

Do you have any niggling health concerns that you’d like to get sorted such as bloating/excess gas/digestive issues, heartburn, hormonal problems, tiredness, sleep issues, skin problems, anxiety, low moods, recurrent infections or other lingering health issues?