Reformer Pilates Timetable

From our ‘Basics’ to our ‘Challenge’ classes, we’ve got something to suit all levels and abilities.

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BASICS classes will guide you through the fundamental Pilates exercises on the reformer whilst giving you a balanced whole-body workout. Pilates exercises on the reformer are performed lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing, concentrating on correct alignment throughout the class to help improve posture and core control, improve mobility and flexibility, it will strengthen and lengthen your muscles to leave you feeling an inch taller.

LEVEL | Suitable for all
DURATION | 50 minutes


MIXED LEVEL classes are open to people with all levels of reformer Pilates experience ranging from basic to advanced. This is a whole-body workout class that will work on improving postural alignment, strength, core control, mobility and flexibility. Expect to perform exercises lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing…you may even find yourself jumping whilst lying down! All bodies will benefit from this class.

LEVEL | Suitable for all
DURATION | 50 minutes


DYNAMIC classes offer an exciting dynamic workout with a strong focus on technique whilst promoting flexibility, strengthening muscles to a long lean aesthetic, bringing balance to the body. A tougher class that will give you a challenge but also bring a lot of fun!

LEVEL | Intermediate / Advanced
DURATION | 50 minutes


CHALLENGE classes do exactly what the name suggests! Work up a sweat in this session which builds on the basics of the reformer. You will be guided through structured resistance exercises that isolate specific parts of your body to build strength, tone, and flexibility.

LEVEL | We suggest attending a couple of BASICS classes to develop a foundation knowledge of the reformer before taking on this CHALLENGE!
DURATION | 50 minutes