Reformer Pilates Teachers

Meet our amazing team of reformer teachers. You may recognise some familiar faces from our Mind & Body classes and Hot Yoga studio so come and join them in The Reformer Room for something different.




Emma Vacarro

Emma was introduced to Pilates at a young age when she trained at the London College of Dance (BA Hons). Here she took weekly classes as part of her training. Many years later after suffering with injury, Emma not only used Pilates for her own rehabilitation, but decided that teaching Pilates and Yoga was her passion and has been teaching ever since. Emma has been a qualified Pilates teacher for over 15 years. Away from the Reformer Room, Emma also teaches hot yoga; hot Pilates, mat Pilates and Spin in our other studios. Emma teaches our BASIC and MIXED LEVEL classes.

Nina Ferguson

Nina discovered Pilates back in 2008 whilst living and working in Spain. She quickly became an enthusiast and went on to train with Polestar Pilates to become an instructor. Nina has a passion for movement that leaves both your body and mind feeling fabulous. Her classes focus on finding your body's best alignment throughout each exercise to increase its effectiveness, helping improve your posture, mobility and deep core muscles. Nina teaches our BASIC and MIXED LEVEL classes.

Olivia O'Leary

Olivia believes everybody should experience Pilates as it’s such an intelligent way to exercise, teaching us how the body works and experiencing interesting and functional movements. Teaching Pilates classes on the mat or the reformer gives her such huge job satisfaction and she truly believes that you will walk out of class feeling stronger, more flexible, with better posture and switched on in every single muscle in your body! It’s an amazing method to learn and to teach and is constantly evolving. As dance was such a big part of her life, Olivia is very passionate and creative and likes to share that in her classes, working hard to make every one different and interesting, thinking of new choreography all the time. No two classes are ever the same with Olivia. She loves to challenge clients and help them experience what their body is actually capable of achieving! Olivia teaches our DYNAMIC and CHALLENGE classes.

Aniko Szemzo

Aniko has a passion for movement with a dancing background and fell in love with Pilates immediately after her first class. Seeing and feeling the many benefits of Pilates, it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t just something she enjoyed doing for herself, but something she wanted to teach and share with others. She loves to challenge her clients and keeps her classes fun and varied using equipment such as resistance bands, Pilates ball, foam roller and magic circle, helping clients achieve greater mobility and strength and discover muscles they’ve never felt before! Aniko also gained her pre & post-natal qualification and deepened her knowledge with the reformer equipment. Aniko teaches our BASICS class.

Melissa Pearce

Melissa’s love of movement began at a very early age, training in ballet and modern dance amongst others. She started practising Pilates in 2005 and her passion turned into teaching in 2015. Obtaining her reformer qualification with Lisa B Academy, Melissa continues her professional development through ongoing courses and workshops with Bodycontrol. Melissa teaches our BASICS and MIXED LEVEL classes.

Teressa Tymkewycz

Teressa has been competitive in a number of sports since an early age, and made it to National Teams in field athletics and hockey. After years of high impact and aerobic classes she discovered the wonders of Pilates and how it complements other forms of exercise. Trained to level 3 with a Diploma in Pilates Teaching and a Master in Education, Teressa’s classes are ideal for those with restrictions, limitations and those wanting to be pushed. She has worked with a variety of body types, ages and abilities, giving individuals an inspiring and energising full body work out. Her classes will use the jump board, the box and small props, and you will find no two classes the same. Teressa teaches our BASICS and MIXED LEVEL classes.

Sarah Farr

Sarah is a Level 3 Pilates Instructor, Pre and Postnatal (Body Control Pilates) and Pilates Reformer Instructor. Sarah initially discovered Pilates through injury management and to provide balance in a busy life. Her own Pilates practice quickly transformed her life both physically and mentally. She is passionate about the benefits of Pilates for sports people with a special interest in rotational sports, skiing and rugby. For Sarah, what makes Reformer Pilates so beneficial as an exercise practice is that it incorporates stretching, loading and corrective components without putting too much pressure on weight bearing joints. Sarah likes to deliver a class that is challenging and accessible and most importantly fun! You’ll come out smiling and stronger and, most importantly, satisfied! To help clients enhance their Pilates technique, Sarah posts regular Pilates videos online based on the mat so everyone can access them from home! You can find these on Instagram @core_control_pilates. Sarah teaches our MIXED LEVEL and DYNAMIC classes.

Amanda Weedon

Amanda has been teaching Reformer Pilates for over 10 years now and started her Reformer Pilates journey after an injury, quickly falling in love with the intelligence of this method of exercise. After a lucky chance in her corporate career, she was able to re-train as a Pilates teacher. Amanda is passionate about helping her clients feel challenged, balanced, and lengthened after their classes. She'll help you find that mind body connection, using the reformer to its full potential. She brings a wealth of experience having taught in many studios, at all levels, using different types of equipment and props. She loves to teach a jump board adding little extras and variety to each session . You'll leave Amanda's class feeling taller, stronger, energised and that you've had some fun too!