Top Tips For Getting Back To The Gym

Posted March 31st, 2021

We’ll be reopening our doors and welcoming members back to the gym on 12th April. We have really missed being able to offer you the many physical, mental and social benefits of a health and wellness club.

It’s normal to switch between emotions at this stage – perhaps you are raring to go, feel a bit hesitant about your fitness or can’t remember what your programme looked like. That’s ok! We are here to help, starting with our top tips for a safe and enjoyable return to the gym. If your regime is usually class-based, there are plenty of programmes and workouts to try in preparation for the return of indoor classes in May.

Top 10 Tips:

1. Feel reassured it’s safe to return:

Watch our video about returning to the club so you can come back in the knowledge that your safety is our top priority. You’ll find hand sanitiser stations throughout, social distance markings plus we’ve invested in a brand new air purification system.

2. Kit check:

Time to locate that gym gear! It may have been a while since you wore it in an air-conditioned environment and the weather has changed recently too. Sheddable layers are best. Check that your gym card, trainers, towel, water bottle, face covering and clothing are good to go… in good time!

3. Make a date:

Decide when you’re going to the gym, book your slot and have your kit ready by the door. You don’t want anything to delay your session. Think about what meal, snack and fluids you’ll have before and after.

4. Manage your expectations:

Whether you’ve been working out over lockdown or not, try not to have any expectations when you return to the gym. You may be fitter and faster, or slower and less supple, but the most important thing is to acclimatise for a smooth transition.

5. Go with an open mind:

Even if you’ve got your workout all sorted, this is the ideal time to revaluate your fitness goals. For most of us, our lives, lifestyles and priorities have altered, and you might want to start with a fresh plan. Ask the gym team for advice, including how to mimic a class-based workout like spinning.

6. Get on track with our WOD:

There will be a workout of the day (WOD) posted in the gym, adjustable for all fitness levels. Featuring a mix of cardio, weights, and conditioning, you’ll get a structured full body workout along with inspiration and motivation.

7. Be honest with yourself:

If you’re struggling, ease off (this is no time for egos!). Likewise, if you feel you could push a bit harder after a few sessions, have the confidence to increase your reps or workout duration slightly.

8. Don’t skip the stretching:

It’s incredibly important to cool down post-workout to kickstart the recovery process. Aim for a cool down of at least 5-10 minutes, stretching and relaxing your muscles and returning your heartrate to normal levels. This will minimise aches and injury, especially if you’ve been less active recently.

9. Enjoy!

Workouts should make you feel happier and healthier, so don’t let the gym become a chore. Talk to us if you need some ideas or tips. We will also be able to carry out body composition measurements to gauge your current metrics and set personal goals – look out for more details coming soon.

10. Stay positive and patient:

Follow these tips, listen to your body, and build up intensity gradually and your fitness will flourish. Your body is amazing – look after it!

We look forward to offering you a friendly, inclusive and safe gym experience very soon. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

The gym and swimming pool are scheduled to re-open on 12th April and the Hot Yoga Club and Thames Club Indoor Classes on 17th May.

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