Why it’s your time to give spinning a go

Posted February 12th, 2019

Did you know that Spinning is one of the most popular group classes in the UK with both men and women? For those of you who don’t know, Spinning is a studio cycling workout that gives you an intense interval training session. The Thames Club fitness trainers really make this class in the dark lots of fun! Interested in trying it out?

Top 5 reasons why It’s Your Time to give Spinning a go.

1. It’s a hugely motivating class

You can’t get a more motivating Spinning experience than at The Thames Club. The impressive tiered Spinning theatre makes you want to jump right on a Spin bike the minute you walk in. It’ a fun class, usually in the dark with music and an instructor at the front who takes you on a fun fitness journey with other people like you!

2. You can take it at your own pace

The beauty of Spinning is that it’s suitable for people of all ages and abilities. You control how intense you want your workout to be by adjusting the settings on your bike.

3. The metabolic effect

The biggest of your muscles are given a real workout at the same time in each Spin class. The bigger the muscles worked, and the more muscle groups worked, the bigger the metabolic effect.

The main muscles used for Spinning are the quads (thigh area), the glutes (buttocks and core) and the calf complex (rear lower leg) which are amongst the biggest and strongest muscles in the body. As well as these major muscles, the hamstrings and all of the core stabilizers get a great workout too.

4. Improve Your Cardio for a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is just one of the many benefits from Spinning as it provides you with endurance and cardiovascular training. By improving your cardiovascular system you can decrease the risk of cardiac related conditions such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and coronary issues.

5. Strengthen Your Core For Some Fab Abs

If you’re looking for some fab abs then Spinning is a great edition to your training. Not only do you work your major leg muscles but your abdominals get a fantastic workout too!

As you start Spinning, you get an upper body rhythm going that helps you keep your leg rhythm. The side to side movement from a slightly inclined position works both the central abdominal muscles and those along the side of your abdomens.

We have recently upgraded our tiered Spinning theatre at The Thames Club with all new Spin bikes ready for 2019 so you’ll get the best experience! Speak to one of our instructors to see whether they recommend fitting this class into your training programme based on your individual goals.